Are you looking for a new web design?


I do.

And with your bold and daring ideas, I will launch your business's message to the internet, through modern and stylish web design. With the use of modern tools, you will have a brilliant presentation on any device. Even 4K.

And forget about those dull, cookie-cutter template-based sites, your site will be custom designed for you and branded with a modern, stylish look that will deliver your message.


Web Design built with the WordPress Platform


Powerful, stable, reliable, highly customizable...

Think ahead, think like the big players. WordPress gives you the equalizer to act like even the biggest players!

Template-based sites don't offer enough flexibility in design for your site to stand out, and they often lack the tools needed to offer your potential clients the experience you want them to remember. To remember is to return and returning is what it's all about!

Regardless of your type of business, products or services, WordPress is your best choice for your business or personal web design.

And if you are looking to blog, there just is no other choice for stability and flexibility.

With the right strategy, even the smallest player can stand out!


These days you need more than just a few good keywords for Google Rankings...

Your site needs to provide your visitors with a quality user experience. It's important to use beautiful photos, active elements, interactive content, and a focused message.

That's where I can help. My web designs have all the attributes Google and other search engines are looking for. They're modern, stylish, and highly focused on the message you want to deliver to your visitors.

I provide basic keyword placement and monitoring, and have resources to call upon for advanced SEO for your site.

Remember, SEO gets them there, but it's the quality of the site that keeps them there!

Within the WordPress environment, there are many Themes.

Their flexibilities are limited by their creators, forcing web designers to stay within the constrained boxes they provide. I use the Beaver Builder Theme.

Beaver Builder offers the widest range of flexibility in design, that I have found.


To convey your message effectively

I'll learn about your business.

That means we sit down in person or on the phone and talk about the entire scope of your products or services and learn how to best present them. Together we will develop your digital message and the content needed to communicate your message. 

I will learn your story.


And then I'll tell your story...

Stories captivate your audience and with all the tools I have at my disposal, your story will be told in a tasteful, elegant, and modern way that speaks to their needs through imagery and words.

Your story will include your products and services highlighted in their proper light with modern and reliable tools that give you the appearance of even your largest competitors, because,

I will also be learning your competition's stories.
Regardless of your industry, there are norms that people have come to expect. Ensuring your web design meets those expectations is critical. At the same time, it has been shown that presenting a marketing concept in an "unexpected" way is effective for retention and conversion. Together we'll weave the right balance into your web design!

I can also add additional functionality to your site!

(This is just a partial list of what is available to you)


Do you want to blog?

A blog is a great way to build a following.

Whether you are using your blog to just share your thoughts and ideas or to offer clients routine posts about topic matter pertinent to your business, WordPress and Beaver Builder Themer, allow you to have a spectacular presence!

I design customized post templates that can offer a different look for many post topic categories as you can imagine.

Your posts can also be designed as landing pages for Social Media Marketing.


Sample Blog Posts

Teamwork when and where it's needed

I'll provide, or arrange all of the elements you will need.

Graphic art, logo design, professional photography, stock photography, video production, and advanced SEO, there are several considerations to creating content and exposure for your site.

I'll coordinate it all with resources that either you already work with or with handpicked professionals I have available to me.

I will also handle the hosting for you, either with your existing provider, a new account, or on a shared server service with my hosting provider. 

You'll only need to add your input and approve the results. 

The Cost?

Think Value...


When you compare costs, keep in mind that I am offering a custom site designed specifically for you and your needs.

You won't be getting a cookie-cutter site based on a template with your name and address filled in.


Simple Sites for as little as $750 plus fees*
Simple Sites typically consist of 1 to 3 pages, though it's less about the number of pages and more about the complexity of the message you want to be delivered.


More Complex $1000 to $3000 plus fees*
It's still not about page count, but if you need a broader scope of features and/or supporting pages, including memberships or eCommerce it takes longer to create your customized user experience.

Very Complex Sites - Let's talk!

*typical fees (recurring annually) $189.00

URL registration (includes privacy option)  $40.00 - Beaver Builder Theme, Themer, and Pro Modules $89.00 - Hosting with Free SSL $60.00

Additional plugins at cost.

Stock Photography from my service bureau is included at no extra charge. Photographs of your choosing from any other bureau are provided at my cost.

After Your Site is Launched!

It's not enough anymore to just put a WordPress Website "up".


Routine maintenance of the inner workings is a necessity.

Plugins, Themes, and the WordPress core are always upgrading to improve performance, ward off invasions, and add new features.

Regular offsite backups, security monitoring, and performance reviews are also needed to keep a site functioning at its best, and all of these play a role in your Google rankings!

I provide six months of free maintenance from the date your site is launched. After the six months, maintenance is available for a little as $15 per month.

Effectively utilize low-cost advertising!

I'll get you ready for Social Media...


If you are advertising on Social Media, you might want to consider a landing page.

A landing page is where potential customers and clients "land" when they click your ad on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

For landing pages, custom templates are the most cost-effective way for you to launch and maintain a successful social media campaign. They are easily changed (by you as well) to reflect changes in your products or services advertised.

I can add a custom landing page to your site for as little as $150.00

Steven Krome D.V.M
Steven Krome D.V.M
Owner of Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital

Scott has been working with us on all of our internet presence from web design to marketing, to finding pet health-related stories for our blog posts. He says that to do his job correctly, he has to learn about the business he is representing. This is remarkably true. Scott has come to understand our business and work diligently to make our website and internet presence the best it can be.

Donna Roses
Donna Roses
Owner of Donna Declutter

Scott at Share Strategy created a beautiful website for me with a very successful SEO strategy built-in. He is so easy to work with and fully understands what is needed to get you to the top of google search for your business. I'm so happy I put my website into Scott's hands!!

Marlo Narro
Marlo Narro
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Scott is creative, kind and a master at web design. He listened to the vision that I had for my website and created a beautiful portal for my potential clients that is above and beyond any expectations that I had. He also gave me many great tips on what to keep in mind when starting a new business. I highly recommend Scott of Share Strategy for all your web design needs.